Piledriving Pioneers: Celebrating The Creators Of Pro Wrestling’s Most Popular Moves

09.10.15 4 years ago 27 Comments

The creators of some wrestling maneuvers are fairly well known, particularly if said moves are fairly recent and/or wacky. We know Hideo Itami created the Go 2 Sleep, Petey Williams is the man behind and The Canadian Destroyer and Naomi innovated that thing where she rubs her butt on your head in the corner, but what about those basic maneuvers that everybody uses? Somebody had to create those, too! Who are the folks behind foundational stuff like the powerbomb, piledriver and moonsault, and did they end up receiving their just due for their contributions to the art of pro wrestling?

Here are 10 people whose innovative spirit provided the foundation for pretty much every pro wrestling match you see today…

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