The Greatest Pro Wrestling Halloween Costumes Of 2018

11.01.18 6 months ago 20 Comments

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Halloween is over and done with for another year, which means it’s now November 1, a day traditionally celebrated by eating leftover candy and looking at everyone’s cool photos from Halloween Night. We thought it would be fun to gather together the best wrestler costumes of Halloween 2018. To be clear, that’s wrestlers wearing costumes, not other people wearing wrestler costumes. Although if you want to see the best of the latter, check out musician Babeo Baggins as Stone Cold.

The Elite

The Elite went all out as the Mushroom Kingdom, with the Young Bucks as the Super Mario Bros, Cody as Bowser, Kenny Omega as Toad, Adam Page as Yoshi, Ellen Jackson as Princess Peach, Brandi Rhodes as Princess Daisy, and of course Marty Scurll as Wario. The casting here is pretty strong, with the brothers as brothers, the villains as villains, and Kenny Omega as a weird but adorable mushroom man. Twitter user Issita Marie also provided some great shots of the team in action:

That solo pic of Cody is my favorite. His ability to be intimidating in a King Koopa costume is a reminder that this is the guy who made Stardust work (or would have, if the booking had been better).

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