The Greatest Pro Wrestling Halloween Costumes Of 2018

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Halloween is over and done with for another year, which means it’s now November 1, a day traditionally celebrated by eating leftover candy and looking at everyone’s cool photos from Halloween Night. We thought it would be fun to gather together the best wrestler costumes of Halloween 2018. To be clear, that’s wrestlers wearing costumes, not other people wearing wrestler costumes. Although if you want to see the best of the latter, check out musician Babeo Baggins as Stone Cold.

The Elite

The Elite went all out as the Mushroom Kingdom, with the Young Bucks as the Super Mario Bros, Cody as Bowser, Kenny Omega as Toad, Adam Page as Yoshi, Ellen Jackson as Princess Peach, Brandi Rhodes as Princess Daisy, and of course Marty Scurll as Wario. The casting here is pretty strong, with the brothers as brothers, the villains as villains, and Kenny Omega as a weird but adorable mushroom man. Twitter user Issita Marie also provided some great shots of the team in action:

That solo pic of Cody is my favorite. His ability to be intimidating in a King Koopa costume is a reminder that this is the guy who made Stardust work (or would have, if the booking had been better).

Cody and Brandi Rhodes

Brandi and Cody didn’t settle for participating in the Elite celebration. They also had their own matching costumes, featuring a terrifying and unrecognizable Flying Monkey alongside a still-quite-glamorous Wicked Witch of the West.

Taya Valkyrie and Johnny Impact

The Lucha Queen and her husband the Impact Champion didn’t celebrate Halloween. They celebrated the Purge instead, along with their adorable (and armed!) little dog. I can’t imagine that went well for all the other people out there on the lawless streets. I for one wouldn’t mess with Johnny or Taya even I was armed and they weren’t.

AJ Lee and CM Punk

AJ and Phil’s X-Files costumes are pitch perfect, as proven by the stills of Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny that AJ included in this gallery for comparison. Honestly, though, the best part is seeing CM Punk have fun, something he doesn’t get many chances to do in public.

Zelina Vega

Zelina’s known for being good at cosplay. As of this writing, she’s only posted a headshot of her Vega (from Street Fighter) costume, but until she shows us the whole look, you can check out all of her Halloween costumes since 2009:

The Incredible Wonderful Hardy Family

The Hardys’ matching Incredibles costumes are a lot of fun, even if they’re not quite as impressive as last year’s Paw Patrol looks. It’s safe to assume that Maxel is Dash and Wolfgang is Jack Jack, although at the end of the day they’re all wearing the same uniform.

Apollo Crews

Apollo was also an Incredible, although sadly one with no other Incredibles around him. Still, seeing Apollo Crews of all people in a costume with padded muscles is a delightfully ridiculous sight.

Brie Bella (and Nikki)

Brie went for the full-on CW Melissa-Benoist-as-Supergirl outfit, including the glasses Kara wears when she’s not in superhero mode (or maybe Brie just forgot her contacts. This was actually for a Halloween appearance on The View with Nikki, who dressed as Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman.

Nikki hasn’t posted a photo of her own, but you can see here that she has the Wonder Woman look down, even if she’s technically wearing the headband upside down.

Blue (Renee Young and Dean Ambrose’s Bull Dog)

Blue the bull dog went full bull at Renee’s direction this year. Dean Ambrose hasn’t been reached for comment, possibly because he only communicated in angry dismissive stares right now.

EC3 and Drake Maverick

EC3 and Drake Maverick were born to play Batman and Robin, even if EC3 has a little trouble getting the cowl to stay together on his gigantic head and neck. These outfits were for the annual NXT Halloween Battle Royal, which happened at a house show as usual, but at least WWE put up a backstage video:

Drake lamenting having to be Robin is funny, although there is a part of me that just want to loan him some comics that prove that Robin is actually pretty cool.

Otis Dozovic

Another highlight of NXT Halloween was Otis of Heavy Machinery doing his best Mandy Rose. Is there anybody in wrestling who’s quite as comfortable and confident about their body, identity, and public presentation as Otis Dozovic? I’m genuinely not sure there is.

Lacey Evans

Lacey casting herself as Cruella Deville instead of Captain Marvel, Rapunzel, or Liberty Belle hints at a level of self-awareness that I’m not sure we’ve ever seen from her before.

Kofi Kingston and Family

Kofi and his family look great, but this also demonstrates an issue that Matt and Reby Hardy will probably run into soon: Once a kid gets a little older, they’re going to want to be what they think is cool, instead of participating in your clever viral family costume. That’s how you end up with three Moana characters and… wait, is that Glacier?

Curt Hawkins and Family

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Fred, Wilma, & Pebbles. Happy Halloween 2018.

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Curt might be on a losing streak in the WWE, but he and his adorable family won Halloween with their spot-on Flintstone looks.

Summer Rae and Friend

WWE alum Summer Rae and her friend Stella Kae (who really ought to be her tag team partner with that name) dressed up as Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Undertaker. Never underestimate a costume that requires you to double-fist beers as part of the look.

Vanessa Kraven

Mae Young Classic competitor Vanessa Kraven made a very striking Catwoman. In fact, she might be the only Catwoman who’s taller than Batman. Although she’s merely the same height as EC3, so I guess it depends on your Batman.

More costume photos will surely emerge on social media over the next couple of days, but these have been the ones that stood out from the pack today. Feel free to leave more in the comments if you see them.