A Pro Wrestling Show Inside A Public Library Was The Hottest Ticket In Milwaukee

While many of us are used to seeing sports entertainment in our local basketball or hockey arena, the artform of professional wrestling has long been put on display in some seriously creative locations. From backyards to VFW halls to carnivals and fairs, pro wrestling can really work anywhere — though this new venue might actually be a first for the sport.

On December 1, independent wrestling promotion Mondo Lucha teamed up with the Milwaukee Public Library to run a free, family-friendly show as part of their “Library Loud Days” series. Among the wrestlers slated to appear were Impact Wrestling star DJZ, plus Isaias Velazquez, Xavier Mustafa and more. And wouldn’t you know, Milwaukee was super into it, snatching up approximately 500 tickets ahead of time, making the event a sold-out show. Check out local news station WISN’s report:

But just because the event was at max capacity doesn’t mean people were left out: The Milwaukee Public Library livestreamed the whole dang thing, which you can watch below (heads up: the audio is kinda wonky for the first few minutes, but it works itself out eventually).

But wait, there’s more: Mondo Lucha also used the library’s multimedia equipment to allow fans to cut and edit their own promos, plus they gave away tons of posters and luchador masks:

Truly, this is the best use of Wisconsinites’ tax dollars. I’m calling the Cleveland Public Library now to tell them the bar has been raised.