Pro Wrestling Movie Club: Triple H Gets Into A Pickle In ‘Inside Out’

04.18.17 1 year ago 18 Comments

I have been a fan of pro wrestling in its various forms for close to three decades. I have traveled across the country and spent thousands of dollars to attend multiple WrestleManias. I own dozens of T-shirts, toys and other random items. I spend far too many hours every week on the WWE Network (when I’m not glued to USA on Monday and Tuesday nights, obviously). Pro wrestling has dominated my life for as long as I can remember — yet, somehow, I have never seen a single WWE Studios movie.

You know WWE Studios, right? It was the launching pad for the movie careers of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and John Cena. It is also the arm of WWE that loses money most frequently. Nearly all of their movies are straight-to-DVD releases, and most feature a random WWE Superstar or two doing their best to earn their SAG cards.

And even though I live for all things WWE, I have never seen any of the WWE Studios’ (or its predecessor, WWE Films’) movies -— not the big ones like The Rundown or The Scorpion King, not the goofy ones like Knucklehead or Jingle All The Way 2, not even anything in The Marine franchise. However, all that is going to change with Pro Wrestling Movie Club, the latest addition to the With Spandex family of columns, where we look at the beauty and absurdity of pro wrestling from every possible angle.

Join me as I watch a random WWE Studios movie each week for however long it takes to get through their entire video library to see if these films are worthy of your time and money, or if you’d be better off watching a random episode of Tuesday Night Titans on WWE Network instead. This is Pro Wrestling Movie Club.

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