Pro Wrestling Movie Club: The Big Show Farts Around In ‘Knucklehead’

05.09.17 10 months ago 11 Comments

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Previously, on Pro Wrestling Movie Club: Wade Barrett rubbed shoulders with Colin Farrell and played a mean game of foosball in Dead Man Down.

This Week: Knucklehead (2010)
Tagline: “A Knock-Out Comedy Of Gigantic Proportions.”
WWE Superstar: The Big Show
Also Starring: Mark Feuerstein, Melora Hardin, Dennis Farina
Synopsis: After con artist Eddie Sullivan (Feuerstein) incurs a large debt with a local criminal ringleader, he creates a get-rich-quick scheme and enlists a sweet gentle giant named Walter (Wight) as his unwitting accomplice. (via IMDB)
Watch It: Netflix / Amazon / YouTube

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