Here’s R-Truth’s New Single ‘Me, Myself And I,’ And It’s Definitely A Song

So, look. It’s always fun to make fun of R-Truth for his rapping. His entrance is objectively horrible and he’s not really good at rapping. So, when we hear that R-Truth has a new song out, it’s probably a cue to make jokes. But, I’m not going to do that.

I listened to Truth on Chris Jericho’s podcast, and he really has a passion for rapping. Then I saw his Table For 3 episode with The Miz and it was…adorable. The Miz was so enthusiastic about R-Truth’s career that now I want him to have a good rap career.

So, here’s his first single called “Me, Myself and I.” It’s got a standard trap beat that’s radio-ready and Truth drops a DMX reference that’s always a plus in my book. All it needs is a Miz verse and it’s going to be a hit. But it doesn’t. Dah well.

Listen and just be thankful he’s not on RAW jobbing to Adam Rose or something.