Randy Orton Hurt His Shoulder Doing A Simple Household Chore And May Require Surgery

Despite being booked in a match at Hell in a Cell, Randy Orton was nowhere to be seen on this week’s Monday Night Raw. The announcers mentioned an injury, but then implied it might just be a storyline thing with the Wyatts. It felt like they were making it up on the fly. As we reported, Randy Orton was actually injured, suffering a dislocated shoulder, but at the time we didn’t know much more than that.

Well, the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer provided some more information on Orton’s injury, and well, not to be insensitive, but it’s a little bit ridiculous. According to the Observer, Orton’s injury didn’t happen in the ring, but when he was taking the garbage out to the curb. That’s right, the Apex Predator got curb stomped by, uh, the curb. Randy, you can just lift and drop the bag, you don’t have to do snake taunts on the sidewalk for 30 seconds, then RKO it into the can.

Apparently the dislocation was severely painful, and it took almost three hours to pop the shoulder back into place. Yikes. Of course, Orton has said that he has “hyper mobile” shoulders, and has had dislocation issues in the past, but not being able to get your shoulder back into its socket for three hours sounds like the opposite of hyper mobile. I bet Orton was wishing his shoulder was a lot more mobile at that moment. Orton will undergo an MRI soon to find out the extent of the damage. It doesn’t sound great to me, but then I’m very much not a doctor. There are worries Orton will require surgery.

If Orton does need surgery, it really leaves WWE in the lurch, as they’re set to lose John Cena for a couple months, and the ratings are already in free fall. Time to wrap the remaining main eventers in bubble wrap, because if Roman Reigns breaks his leg tripping over an ottoman or something, they’re really screwed.

via Wrestling Observer