Randy Orton Clarified His Comments About Dives In Pro Wrestling

06.26.17 10 months ago 4 Comments


Look, Randy Orton doesn’t care what anyone in the world thinks about him. He just doesn’t. He hasn’t for a long time. That’s just not the way he’s wired. But he can still be pretty darn diplomatic when he needs to be. (Or maybe when he just wants to be.) A few weeks ago, he let loose on Twitter in support of Rip Rogers’ comments about indie wrestling, and it’s a situation that indie wrestlers are still having fun with.

When WWE was in his hometown of St. Louis this week, Orton stopped by Hot 104.1 for a sit-down, in-studio interview and was in “gregarious mode.” He was asked about the “dive” controversy, and he explained that he’s not anti-dive, he’s anti-“dive for no reason.” (Video courtesy of Reddit.)

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