Randy Orton Is Still Being A Dick About The World Series

Pro Wrestling Editor
10.22.14 27 Comments

This week on Monday Night Raw, a bored Kansas City crowd turned a Randy Orton promo about his upcoming match against John Cena at Hell in a Cell into a shouting match about the World Series.

Orton said that the Kansas City Royals will get crushed by the Giants, and that they’ll need 29 more years (later upgraded to “a hundred”) before they’ll win another World Series Championship. That brought out John Cena — a man who likes Your Local Sports Team more than anything — to say Orton was wrong. Cena thinks the Royals will win, because that’s what the people in the arena thought, and his whims are decided via committee. Paul Heyman interrupted, and the conversation turned to Hell in a Cell and Brock Lesnar. Not sure who Heyman thinks will win the World Series, although my gut says San Francisco.

Anyway, Game 1 of the series happened last night, and the Giants trounced the Royals 7-1. Because he’s one of the best jerks in wrestling, Orton hopped on Twitter to ask the WWE Universe a question.

Insert something here about the Royals overcoming the odds and never giving up.

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