The Part Time Predator: Randy Orton Is Reportedly Looking To Work A Reduced WWE Schedule

Randy Orton has been a more-or-less constant fixture on WWE TV for the past 13 years, but, if recent chatter is true, Orton may soon start slithering away from TV on a more regular basis.

On this week’s episode of Wooo! Nation, Ric Flair dropped the nugget that Orton is hoping for a reduced schedule, similar to what Shawn Michaels worked during his second run with the company. If he gets the HBK deal, Orton wouldn’t have to work most house shows, and would get fairly regular breaks. Basically, instead of bumming around not doing much, he’d show up for quick, outta nowhere appearances and feuds, then head back home to care for his countless TV wives.

Of course, Orton wanting time off doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to get it, although, according to the Wrestling Observer, he’s already started skipping a lot of weekend house shows, and has been on one vacation so far this year. He’s also been taking time away from the ring to continue his acting career in such distinguished fare as the upcoming The Condemned 2: Desert Prey. See, because he’s The Viper, and vipers live in the desert! It works on so many levels!

It seems inevitable that we won’t be seeing as much Randy Orton in the future, which, honestly, will probably be good for both Randy Orton the character and the man. In small doses, Orton is still one of the most exciting wrestlers in the world, but his character is pretty much shot out. Having him pop up as a special attraction to RKO somebody every once-in-a-while is the best way to use Orton in 2015. Also, Orton’s been wrestling constantly since he was 20, and, I dare say, sometimes it seems like that much of the wrestling business has made him a bit cranky. So, yeah, enjoy your mid-30s semi-retirement, Randy Orton. Don’t worry about us, we’ll always have the memories…

via Inquisitr & Wrestling Observer