Is There A Real Injury Keeping Randy Orton Out Of The Ring?

Last night on Raw, Michael Cole noted that Randy Orton is out with an unspecified injury, potentially at the hands of the Wyatts. Despite being advertised, Orton did not appear on WWE’s recent trip to Mexico. There’s no official confirmation, but I sure hope his apology email said, “I’m so sorry, but I Mexican’t make it.”

While it’s sometimes hard to tell if the story is covering for a real injury, or the “injury” is part of a story, is Orton taking time off to lend some kind of depth to this Ambrose-Wyatt feud? Did Orton have to go back to his headquarters because he finally came into possession of a Weather Dominator and he’s super pumped to use the laser core for evil instead of just TitanTron b-roll for The Rock’s entrance?

Apparently, it’s none of those things. According to Observer Radio, Orton has been working through an injury, and finally his shoulder just full on dislocated. No word on how this will affect Sheamus and their Best of 70 Kofi-Ziggler Classic Series, but I’m sure fans will still find time to hit the bathroom and then maybe grab a snack during WWE shows.

Personally, I’m gonna go with the idea that WWE is still trying to smooth over relations with their Mexican fans after that whole ‘oops we fired a Hispanic guy but not the guy who was racist QUICK LOOK THE UNDERTAKER’S HERE!’ thing, and just couldn’t afford to have Mexico’s deserts Weather Dominated into a frozen tundra when the Viper decided it was too hot in his hotel room.