This New Rap Video Has John Morrison And JTG Spitting Bars

This is definitely the strangest video you’re going to watch today. And unless you’re watching Twin Peaks: The Return, it’s likely the strangest video you’re going to see all week. Rapper The Asoka has enlisted the help of a very specific and wondrous crew of professional wrestlers to help him with a new song, and everyone gets a verse. While Rocky Romero busting some rhymes isn’t unusual — the guy has a new album out, you know — it’s perhaps less common to watch Johnny Mundo and JTG getting some time on the microphone in this way.

And the whole scenario is something like a David Lynchian fever dream, anyway. You have Romero playing the part of an agent trying to lock down JTG to play Black Spider-Man, JTG holding out for his $37 million, John Morrison doing loud push-ups (okay, that part is probably normal) and drinking champagne out of a protein shaker, and CWFH’s Hobo serving as The Man From Another Place within this very baffling Black Lodge.

This is probably the perfect way to send you all into your long holiday weekend, honestly. (If you’re getting one, that is.)

If nothing else, this video finally gets Morrison’s thoughts about airport breakfast on the record. Saves me the trouble of asking him next time I see him, to be honest.