WWE Reveals Brand-New Logos For Raw And Smackdown Live

With the WWE brand split, it was expected that both shows would undergo a revamping of more than just the roster as we usher in a new era. We got new authority figures on both shows as Mick Foley and Daniel Bryan have slid into their roles as GMs behind the McMahons, and now we have new logos for each show to go with it.

The new Smackdown Live logo (the higher rated show, for this week at least) is above, and here’s the new Raw one to go alongside it.

These are … not great! I’m no expert on graphic design, but I have to feel like they didn’t spend nearly enough time on these. The Smackdown logo is at least defensible, and is probably a small improvement over the old one (not that that’s saying much).

But the Raw logo … eesh. I really can’t figure out what they were going for with that.

B. Lee Designs summed up the universal reaction to the Raw logo pretty well with this tweet.

That pretty much hits the nail on the head.

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