Two WWE Announcers Are Swapping Shows In The Superstar Shake-Up

Did you think that wrestlers were the only people getting shaken up in WWE’s Superstar Shake-Up? Think again, chumps! While Monday’s episode of Raw featured nearly a dozen Smackdown Live stars jumping ship and heading over to the Red Brand (and one drifter who isn’t allowed to be in NXT anymore), there was another move that took place after Raw ended, and one you might have missed.

Yes, Raw and Smackdown Live won’t just look different, they’ll SOUND different as well! Perennial punching bag Byron Saxton will head to Smackdown Live, to take abuse from JBL instead of Corey Graves. Meanwhile, David Otunga — who was added to what became a four-man booth before Mauro Ranallo departed — will join the Raw desk.

The announcement was made on WWE’s YouTube channel after Raw went off the air.

Given how WWE has always handled the draft in the past, it’s entirely possible that we just saw Byron’s genuine reaction to getting moved. But it’s also possible that he’s just a decent actor. Either way, we’re going to get a new sound in our ear-holes in the coming weeks.

Both Saxton and Otunga have been maligned by fans for their contributions to the announce teams — usually pretty unfairly, because it’s hard as hell to make a three-man booth work no matter who you are or how good you are. Otunga hasn’t really contributed much, because it was difficult for him to get a word in during the JBL/Ranallo pairing. So we’ll see how he does with Graves and Michael Cole!

Best of luck to both men as they begin this new phase in their lives and careers.