Remember That Time KFC Arabia Went After The Undertaker And Brutally Broke Kayfabe?

Today’s best Reddit Squared Circle conversation involves a tweet from an Arabic fast food restaurant that ruthlessly pulled back the veil on professional wrestling and… wait, what?

Last January, @KFCArabia — yes, the verified Twitter account for Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants in the Middle East and North Africa — decided to break kayfabe for no reason and call out two of WWE biggest stars. No idea what this has to do with chicken or the Middle East, but here you go:

Between this and Taker showing up in an unauthorized, Arabic, musical cartoon, the Middle East is all-in on taking down the Brothers of Destruction.

Our theory is that everything that’s happened since last January is a result of this tweet. Undertaker held on to kayfabe for decades, right? But then suddenly Brock Lesnar conquered the WrestleMania undefeated streak, and Taker started showing up on Instagram and organizing family fun runs, all because of KFC Arabia. He just happened to see the tweet and was like, “Well, it was a good run.”

Hell, even Kane’s just a boring businessman now. Thanks a lot, Kentucky Fried Chicken.