Rey Mysterio Confirmed That He Has No Plans To Retire

03.27.15 4 years ago 5 Comments

Late Thursday night, the internet was abuzz with rumours that Rey Mysterio had retired. While there weren’t any definitive sources (believe me, we checked and then some), it was reported by a number of Mexican news outlets and spread around like wildfire. The rumour itself was that Rey Mysterio was understandably heartbroken over the death of Perro Aguayo, Jr, and was shaken enough to consider stepping away from the ring. Mysterio cleared these rumors up during WaleMania (a Q&A and party hosted by MLW Radio and Wale at Taste Nightclub in Santa Clara).

Rey Mysterio was involved in the match that tragically took the life of Aguayo, Jr. The cause of death has been confirmed as cardiac arrest stemming from fractures in three vertebrae in his neck, however, the Baja California Attorney General’s office is still investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident.

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