Rey Mysterio Hopes His Son Dominick Will Have An Official WWE Match In 2020

Rey Mysterio‘s adult son Dominick has been a semi-regular fixture in the luchador’s storylines lately and even got involved in his Survivor Series match with Brock Lesnar. It’s been public knowledge basically since this began that Dominick is training to be a wrestler and his father expects him to make his debut for WWE. While doing press in the UK, Mysterio spoke about his son’s future career, and the impact it could have on his own.

In an interview with The Mirror, here’s what he had to say about Dominick’s in-ring style:

I think he is definitely creating his own path and his own style. But, as we all do at some point, we tend to fit patters to our favorite wrestlers, and the people we grew up watching and who inspired us. Believe it or not, as heavy and as big as he is, he is doing a lot of stuff I wish I could have done from the early days of my career. He is very light on his feet and is learning how to control his body, so I think it is going to be a combination and mix of styles.

When speaking with Sportskeeda, Mysterio revealed he hopes Dominick will “have an official match” in 2020, and that “I definitely would love to potentially share the ring with him one day. I think, after that happens, I can retire peacefully.”

We’ve only seen Dominick break out a few wrestling moves so far, it sounds like his dad thinks he has a lot of in-ring potential. It also sounds like the retirement of Rey Mysterio within the next few years is very possible.