Rey Mysterio Is Reportedly Receiving Death Threats

03.23.15 4 years ago 26 Comments

Poor Rey Mysterio just can’t catch a break. After numerous injuries, then being kept on the shelf by WWE like the actual human toy that he is, Mysterio is now being blamed by some fans for the tragic freak accident that took the life of Perro Aguayo, Jr. According to the Wrestling Observer, not only was Mysterio’s name the most searched term on the internet on Saturday, but his life is now being threatened.

As we reported this past weekend, Aguayo, Jr. suffered whiplash from hitting taut ropes, causing a spinal stroke and his death. As Mysterio was the one who gave him the dropkick, and Aguayo, Jr. went into the ropes to set up a 619, people are using this as headline bait and fueling the idea that Mysterio should be held accountable for the accident. This became so prevalent, in fact, that Mysterio is now receiving death threats in Mexico.

There’s been no update as to how the authorities are handling the situation, but I think we can all agree that sensationalizing a man’s death is probably not the right course of action, especially when doing so is resulting in very scary real-world consequences.

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