Rey Mysterio’s Time With WWE Is Officially Over

Rey Mysterio may finally be free to take his souped-up knee brace wherever he wants. Though his contract officially expired in May 2014, WWE quietly extended it for another year without notifying him. WWE is able to freeze performer’s contracts during periods of injury, and because Rey was real broken for a real long time, they felt it in their best interests to extend it as a make up for time missed.

Though that extension was supposed to see him through the next few months, it now appears that they were able to come to terms on an early release. Earlier today, WWE officially added Mysterio to their alumni page:

It’s easy to speculate that this could have been a mistake, given that Road Dogg very recently wrestled on a PPV and pops in occasionally, however has apparently confirmed with WWE that he is no longer with the company.

In a video sent to Mexico’s AAA last August and played during their Triplemania event, Rey promised that he would see them all soon. Rumours of him joining AAA extension Lucha Underground have been going around since basically its inception, bolstered by former WWE-star Alberto El Patron saying he would not have joined Lucha Underground if it weren’t for someone who is set to join the company soon. While I’m not huge into aging stars being trotted out for cheap pops (please see every Impact piece I’ve ever written), the idea of putting Mysterio in a company who both wants him to be there, and also wants to celebrate his Mexican heritage while using him to the best of his abilities is something I am more than on board with.