Rhyno Is Running For State Representative In Michigan

Not too long ago, Bill DeMott’s name jumped back into the news when he declared that he was considering a run for public office in order to crack down on DUI offenders. Much like the rest of you, I thought we’d met the Pro Wrestler/Public Office quota for 2016, but it would appear that we’re not done yet. Hailing from the great state of Michigan, Terry Gerin has declared his candidacy for State Representative… but you probably know him better as NXT’s part-time Man Beast, Rhyno. Here’s his official announcement, straight from Twitter.


That’s the suit of a man who’s not afraid to fail. He looks like he raided the closet of George McFly’s high school principal. But yeah, Rhyno will be making a run for one of the 110 seats in the Michigan House of Representatives. A quick trip to Ballotpedia shows that the primary election is in early August, so he’s got time to put a campaign together. Baron Corbin sent him packing just in time, I guess. For the record, my favorite pro wrestler in regional legislature has always been The Great Sasuke, but I see no reason that this won’t be plenty of fun. Here are some things that absolutely must happen on Rhyno’s campaign:

– WrestleManias 33 through 37 are promised to the city of Detroit.
– Joey Styles starts getting a lot of airtime on MSNBC as a talking head.
– The Motor City Machine Guns suddenly start receiving millions of dollars in pork barrel funding.
– Kevin Nash also declares his candidacy, but Rhyno demands he provide a Michigan birth certificate because he’s previously hailed from Las Vegas and The Land of Oz.
– Donald Trump pledges not only that he’ll build a wall around all the ECW alumni, but that Paul Heyman will pay for it.
– Al Gore gets an eleventh-hour phone call, asking for a Dan Gable-style endorsement.