Ric Flair Got The Atlanta Falcons Huddle Fired Up With This Classic Promo

[protected-iframe id=”b22f6503e511dd29696391798ea8f510-60970621-76566046″ info=”Ric Flair Falcons Huddle” width=”650″ height=”366″ ]

It looks like Ric Flair still can’t seem to pick a favorite football team. The Nature Boy showed up to the Atlanta Falcons’ practice to get them hyped up with his classic Stylin’ and Profilin’ promo, or as TMZ referred to it, “the full ‘Rolex-wearing, diamond-ring wearing, kiss-stealing’ … thing.”

While he was there, Flair had nothing but glowing things to say about Falcons receiver Julio Jones:

I think Julio is one of the most wonderful, most polite, most articulate guys I’ve ever met. From texting and talking and just being so kind to people. He doesn’t have to be, but he’s such a quality guy. He’s first class.

Though he’s synonymous with the city of Charlotte, Flair actually lives in Atlanta now, making their connection a little less of a stretch. According to head coach Dan Quinn, the players were excited to have the pro wrestling legend step out onto the field with them:

You could see the energy. He was talking with us and having some fun. It was great to have his support and to have him be a part of it today. You could tell that he’s a big fan and that we’re also big fans of his.

(via ESPN, Atlanta Journal-Constitution)