Ric Flair Thinks CM Punk Should Just ‘Do Something Else’ After His UFC Loss

Peple are still talking about CM Punk’s loss at UFC 203 to Mickey Gall. Ric Flair gave his very diplomatic — but still very harsh — opinion on a recent episode of The Ric Flair Show:

“I actually felt bad for him. But the problem I have, as we discussed before, he’s been so negative and knocked everybody in WWE, but always treated me [well], so I never had a problem with him. But what goes around comes around.”

Flair goes on to point out that he didn’t actually watch the fight, but thinks it’d be best if Punk took his ball and went elsewhere. Y’know … again:

“If I was him, I don’t know how you follow that. He still has some name recognition because of his success in the WWE, so I’m sure he has options. But, I mean, why would you do that again? It’s kind of like, once you get that, it’s pretty devastating. Make no mistake, going out there, just to do that, you get a lot of respect from a lot of people. That’s a tough sport, so my hat’s off to him for trying, but if I were him, I’d do something else.”

Despite losing in his debut, Punk managed to pull in a cool half mil for his short bout. He’s already proving to be one of the top draws UFC currently has, so I dunno … he might act like a total b-hole, but I’m pretty sure Punk has more than enough reason to keep at it.

Transcription h/t to WrestlingInc