Ric Flair Is Set To Get His Own ESPN ’30 For 30′ Documentary

It looks like ESPN and WWE are getting a heck of a lot cozier with the news of an upcoming 30 for 30 documentary on ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair. ESPN hasn’t formally announced it, but Legacy Talent and Entertainment, LLC posted the following to their Facebook page:

We named this company Legacy Talent because it’s our mission to help preserve the legacies that our clients have worked a lifetime to build. Yesterday we took a huge step in documenting Ric Flair’s legacy by starting to shoot his 30 for 30 ESPN Film. We are honored to work with such a prestigious group on a project we are so passionate about!

They also included behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot.

For those who aren’t aware, live in countries that don’t get ESPN, or haven’t watched the SMU episode like three times (oops), 30 for 30 is an ESPN film documentary series from various filmmakers with different styles covering varied stories in the world of sports, from the Tonya Harding-Nancy Kerrigan saga, to a fascinating look at the effects Pablo and Andres Escobar had on the Colombian national soccer team.

ESPN has recently increased their coverage of WWE, and 30 for 30 shorts covering the legends of pro wrestling is honestly a great idea. ESPN has previously covered the tragedy of the Von Erich family in their documentary short Wrestling the Curse. Hopefully this means a more in-depth, honest look at the legacy of pro wrestlers. Fingers crossed Dusty Rhodes will be next.