A Loving Look Back At Ric Flair’s Most Memorable Moments In TNA

Ric Flair once said that he wasn’t really Ric Flair in TNA, he was just there because he missed the business. Well, as much as he’d like to say that, nobody BUT Ric Flair (and his butt) could pull off the kind of shenanigans he got away with during his TNA tenure.

While we could take a look at some his promos that were actually good, or his legends match against Sting, we’d be ignoring some of his very best moments with the company. Flair claimed that he spent most of his time in Orlando at the bar across the street, and, well, after running down these videos, we’re inclined to believe him.

So without further ado, and in no particular order, here are some of Ric Flair’s most … well, let’s call them memorable moments in TNA.

The Ric Flair-Off

It’s a Ric Flair-off, ladies and gentleman! Jay Lethal brought his impeccable Ric Flair impression directly to the man himself, squaring off in probably his own most memorable TNA moment. The two went head to head, Wooo to Wooo, elbow drop to elbow drop, each trying to out-Flair the other. A personal highlight is Ric Flair getting frustrated enough to throw his shoe at Lethal.

While sure, most of the promo revolves around the fragile masculinity of the men in the ring, you can’t come for the Nature Boy (ew) without talking about how much he likes to f*ck (also ew). Other highlights include Nigel McGuinness trying to look tough and not start corpsing, and AJ Styles casually threatening to break Jay Lethal’s neck.

Meeting Sting In A Darkened Warehouse

Though Joker Sting was arguably one of the worst Sting variations in his lengthy career, he did make Ric Flair babble to himself in an empty warehouse and then beat up Gunner. Hahaha, remember Gunner? Thank you for this, Terrible Iteration of Sting. Sting also gave us this moment in time, so hey, maybe things weren’t that bad:

Locker Room Talk

The only thing better than James Storm’s excitement at the possibility of a new hat is Ric Flair thinking that making his friends chug Smirnoff Ice is a reward, and not a punishment.

The Street Fight

Ass, gas, or grass, everybody’s gotta pay to ride Space Mountain. Let’s go ahead and call this a true testament to Ric Flair’s indelible legacy, that with all of his accolades and championships spanning decades, we’re still talking about the time he wrestled Jay Lethal in one shoe, an old man knee sock, and (mostly) his Drag Race Pit Crew underoos. His underwooos, if you will.

Hulk Hogan And The Runaway Wheelchair

TNA: “Please take us seriously.” Also TNA: *does this*

Bless you, TNA. You refused to leave the memories alone, and gifted us with all-new, all-different memories.