Ric Flair Is Recovering After Successful Intestinal Surgery

07.09.18 7 months ago


It’s been a tough year for Ric Flair regarding the legendary wrestler’s health, but on Monday WWE and Charlotte Flair shared a positive update regarding his latest health issue.

Flair had successful intestinal surgery and is resting in the hospital following the procedure. Charlotte released a statement to WWE.com stating that he elected to have the surgery in hopes of “reversing some of the effects” of a previous surgery that had caused him issues and that it went “as good as they had hoped” and they’re just waiting to be sure everything is working as it should.

“While some may have assumed that the effects [of his health problems last fall] may have slowed down my father’s lifestyle, he really embraced it all, has ended up doing more work in the last couple months than in the previous few years and is enjoying life,” Charlotte said. “However, when he was told that he had the opportunity to possibly reverse some of the effects of the initial surgery, my father decided it was something he wanted to try, and he was very positive about the procedure.”

“Now, he is out of surgery, and everything looked to have gone as good as they had hoped,” The Queen continued. “The only thing that remains to do at this point is to wait to make sure everything is working as it should. If it all goes well, he should be out for the hospital in the next three or four days.”

“Though he was a little groggy, we did share a ‘Woo!’ before getting off the phone, and that was how I knew everything was OK,” said Charlotte.

Given his health issues recently this is hopefully the last time we’ll have to offer an update on Flair in the hospital for a long while and we wish the legend a speedy recovery.

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