Ric Flair Thinks His Daughter Charlotte Should Wrestle Ronda Rousey

Think you’ve got lofty goals for booking Ronda Rousey in WWE? Well, move over because wrestling legend Ric Flair‘s got it all figured out.

Before he revealed how he’d like to see Rousey show up at WrestleMania in a recent interview with WresltingNews.com, Flair expressed his frustrations with how his daughter is being used:

My daughter is the best athlete in the company, man or woman. She’s been ready for six months. You ever watch her work? You tell me. I don’t know what the deal is. I’m frustrated by it. I’m just a guy who is proud of his daughter. I know the business enough to know when someone is so much better than anybody else. I’m just disappointed.

I get it, it’s a political game. The company’s got agendas and they have things that they have to figure out. The least important thing [for them] is trying to figure out my daughter’s goals. For me, it’s everything in life. [Triple H] is my best friend and I trust him. Vince McMahon and I are very close I trust him. Stephanie and I are close. I believe that they’ll always take care of Ashley. Not because they need to take care of her, but because she’s the best. It’s just a matter of finding the right position for her.

To be fair, Charlotte is a recent NXT Women’s Champion, she’s having some of the best matches in the company on any level, and she’s been established as an impressive and dominant athlete without any of the catty, jealous, nutbar character implications placed on the main roster women’s wrestlers. But the main roster is just that, and it’s easy to understand why he thinks she’s not technically at the top of the game.

When asked if he’s a UFC fan, Flair says that he likes Jon Jones, but he doesn’t usually watch unless Brock Lesnar or Ronda Rousey are fighting: “I’m a big fan of Ronda. I think Ronda is fantastic.” So, how would he feel about them throwing down one-on-one?

Let’s do it, man, that’s what I want to see. Charlotte’s not afraid to get in there. In all fairness, if she had a year to train, I’m not saying Ashley would win by any means, but if she had a year to get ready for it, it wouldn’t end in Round 1. I’ll predict that. It wouldn’t be 14-second tap out. Ashley would need to learn submission wrestling, but she’s strong beyond belief.

While I may not be totally sold on the idea of Rousey mixing it up in a pro graps capacity, you can’t deny that out of all of the female competitors WWE has, Charlotte is the most impressively athletic. Hey, “to be the woman, you’ve got to not get your arm ripped completely from your body” could totally catch on as a thing people say, right?