All Charges Against WWE Superstar Rich Swann Have Been Dropped

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01.26.18 11 Comments


It has been a spectacularly unfortunate week for news related to WWE cruiserweights, so it’s nice that we’re ending the week on a bit of an upbeat note. To recap: on Monday, just hours before Raw 25, Enzo Amore was suspended in light of rape allegations that came out on Twitter and were quickly reported on. Less than 24 hours later, Amore was released by the company.

Amore was the reigning WWE Cruiserweight Champion at the time of his suspension and release, and was set to take on Cedric Alexander for the title at Sunday’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Daniel Bryan opened this week’s episode of 205 Live to announce that the title had officially been “surrendered,” and that next week a 205 Live general manager will be appointed, who will then decide the fate of the title and who will be competing for it.

Meanwhile, fans were still waiting for word about another suspended former cruiserweight champ, Rich Swann. Back in December, Swann was arrested on charges of battery and false imprisonment. WWE has a zero tolerance policy for matters of domestic violence or sexual assault among active roster members, and he was immediately suspended, with the company waiting until the resulting police investigation was complete to take further action.

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