Roman Reigns Is Back From Suspension, And Here’s The Latest Rumor On Why It Happened

He’s not a good guy. He’s not a bad guy. He’s the guy who’s no longer suspended from WWE for violating their Wellness Policy. Roman Reigns’ suspension is officially up, leaving him free to return to WWE in time for his triple-threat match at Sunday’s Battleground PPV.

The reason for his initial suspension back on June 21 wasn’t released, leading most to believe that it’s non-mention totally meant steroids. Now, The Wrestling Observer is reporting that those guns he’s sporting are totally legal, he was just using Adderall. Whoa, who knew the handsome, wet Samoan prince had that much in common with me at a dive bar in Brooklyn on a Friday night?

Adderall is used to treat ADHD, but can be taken recreationally to enhance your cognitive functions and mental alertness. It’s a commonly banned substance in sports leagues like the NFL and MLB, however, because it also inhibits signs of fatigue. You know, that thing we usually get sitting through his singles matches.

Reigns is scheduled to make his in-ring return on Saturday at the Wildwood, New Jersey WWE Live event. The timing of Reigns’ suspension allowed him to still participate in the Money in the Bank pay-per-view, which set up his upcoming match against former Shield bros Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.