WWE Revealed Roman Reigns’ Attacker From Smackdown In The Most Underwhelming Way Possible

WWE Smackdown Live

If you watched this week’s episode of WWE Smackdown Live, you saw Roman Reign’s show-ending announcement interrupted by … well, a bunch of production equipment randomly falling on him. It didn’t hurt him, somehow, and then he walked away without making an announcement. You were probably left with a LOT of questions, but the main one was, “Who attacked Roman Reigns?”

We thought it might’ve been Buddy Murphy, since he was seen lurking around after the incident and calls himself WWE’s “best kept secret.” Well, WWE ended speculation on Friday after a lengthy investigation — possibly using the 7-8 cameras that were filming that exact spot when the accident happened — and found the culprit: “forklift driver error.” In that hallway.

From WWE.com, seriously:

In the final moments of this week’s SmackDown LIVE, Roman Reigns was intending to make a SummerSlam challenge from the backstage area, but The Big Dog just barely evaded sheer catastrophe when tons of steel beams came plummeting toward him.

A preliminary investigation has found the incident Tuesday night involving Roman Reigns was caused by a forklift backstage carrying lighting grids that were not properly secured.

Update to story – 10:40 a.m. ET
It has now been determined that the incident in question was specifically caused by a forklift driver error.

Forklift driver error, you say? Well, that can only be one man:

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Really excited to see Roman Reigns repeatedly Superman Punch a forklift to pieces like he’s in a Street Fighter II bonus stage at SummerSlam. The only question now is whether or not the forklift driver who made the error did it for The Rock or not.

Join us on next week’s Smackdown when we answer the mystery of, “who threw the pie at Kevin Owens?” Spoiler alert: it was a trash baler.