Roman Reigns Is Wrestling On ‘Fox’s New Year’s Eve With Steve Harvey: Live from Times Square’

One hundred people surveyed, top five answers on the board. Name a headline that will make you go, “LOL, what?”

Because synergy, WWE will have a presence at Fox’s third annual Steve Harvey-flavored New Year’s Eve in Times Square coverage. The announcement, as first reported by Deadline in passing, mentions that Roman Reigns will be wrestling, but doesn’t mention who his opponent will be. We’re guessing it starts with a K and ends with an, “Ing Corbin.”

The event will also be co-hosted by WWE Superstars Maria Menounos and Rob Gronkowski.

Here’s a fun game: try to find the most unexpected part of the following announcement.

Maria Menounos and NFL Ex-Pat Rob Gronkowski will co-host the evening, which will feature a performance by Village People as the group tries to set a world record for the largest YMCA dance.

LL Cool J and DJ Z-Trip will headline the performances, which also will be feature the Chainsmokers, the Lumineers, Florida Georgia Line, Backstreet Boys, Tyga and The Killers, along with celebs including Gordon Ramsay, Will Arnett and Jenna Dewan.

The evening also will feature a WWE match with Roman Reigns.

One day I hope my wedding invitations end with, “The evening also will feature a WWE match with Roman Reigns.” And also that the Village People and the Backstreet Boys are there.

The event starts at 8PM ET on New Year’s Eve, obviously, in case you’d like to see Roman Reigns spend three minutes Superman punching Dolph Ziggler off the apron while roughly a million people stand in the streets outside in the cold shoulder-to-shoulder to watch Steve Harvey count backwards from ten.