Roman Reigns Tells Ronda Rousey He Would Have A Hair Versus Hair Match

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Current undefeated UFC bantamweight champion “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey, an unabashed pro wrestling fan, interviewed WWE superstar Roman Reigns in the lead up to WrestleMania 31 for Sports Illustrated.

Is it more important to win the WWE title or to steal the show?

I think it’s important to do both. If I can steal the show, then I’m definitely going to win the WWE world heavyweight championship, so if we could somehow combine them both, that would be awesome.

Would you ever be willing to do a Hair versus Hair match, where the loser shaves their head?
Oh, absolutely. My whole life, I’ve grown my hair out and cut it off, grown it out and cut it off. The only stipulation I would have is we do something good with the hair, especially if it’s mine. You know, donate it to some kind of charity or I’d like to do something positive with it if we’re going to do that.

So you know you’re going to lose, but you’ll make Locks of Love happy, is that what you’re saying?
I would, you know if it’s for a good reason, I would lose happily.

What influenced you to pick the Superman punch as your trademark move?
You know, it was just something that seemed so cool. You see it in MMA, in your territory, quite a bit, but it always seems like something that you try to sneak a guy with in the very beginning. Or that random head kick that you’ll throw out of nowhere, or that flying knee. So I thought, ‘Man, it would be so cool if they could just hit it and knock the dude out right on the spot.’ So I figured why don’t I do it, threw a little theatrics in there, did the whole lock-n-load and testing on the ground, and it’s been pretty successful for me.

Reigns then tells Ronda to check out his Snickers commercials and show off the hungry side of Ronda Rousey. Ronda assures Reigns that she’ll investigate his “softer, nougaty side.” It’s kinda of cheesy by both of them, but also oddly charming. Rowdy Ronda Roman Rousey Reigns does make for a terrifying pair.