Watch Ronda Rousey Wreck Stephanie McMahon Once Again On WWE Raw

USA Network

On Sunday, Ronda Rousey had maybe the greatest pro wrestling debut match of all time at WrestleMania 34. She finished that match off with a brutal armbar to Stephanie McMahon for the submission victory. And it appears that was just the beginning of Rousey ruining McMahon’s life.

Monday’s always-eventful Raw after WrestleMania opened with a surprisingly chipper McMahon coming to the ring with her arm in a very serious sling. True to character, she took credit for Rousey’s debut going so well, and praised Rousey for her ability and her early success. She then asked Rousey to come down to the ring. After a moment, Rousey obliged.

McMahon continued to praise Rousey for being a star and savvy, and said that Rousey should team up with her, because they can do a lot of great things together and put the past behind them. She said that Rousey is a smart businesswoman, so she should know this is a great opportunity. McMahon then introduced her “friend,” Ronda Rousey.

McMahon extended a hand and surprisingly, Ronda shook it. Then Ronda gave McMahon a big hug. And then …

Ronda locked in a vicious armbar on McMahon’s already-injured arm, and left with a big grin as her music played. Officials and referees came down to tend to a howling McMahon, who screamed in pain. The crowd sang goodbye to McMahon and took delight in her suffering to the point where ring announcer JoJo asked the crowd to show her a little respect. That went about as well as you would imagine.

It seems like we may not be seeing McMahon again on television for a while. That probably doesn’t come as bad news to most fans, and suggests maybe we’ll be cooling it on authority figure angles for a little while, perhaps.