Ronda Rousey Made The Rock Hold The Camera While She Took Photos With AJ Lee And Paige

Ronda Rousey’s showdown with Stephanie McMahon was undeniably one of the highlights of WrestleMania 31, although the cranky wrestling fan in me was slightly annoyed that Rousey did her big wrestling angle with Steph instead the ladies actually busting their butts in the ring.

So, it was heartening to discover that Rousey didn’t totally snub the wrestlers, and in fact took a cool photo with Paige, AJ and AJ’s crazy abs last night at WrestleMania.

Hmmm, let’s zoom out a little. Who was taking this picture?

Wait, wait, wait… now who was taking the picture of The Rock taking a picture of the ladies? I want to keep zooming out and discover that Hogan was taking a picture of The Rock, Arnold Schwarzenegger was taking the picture of Hogan, a Bray Wyatt scarecrow was taking the picture of Arnold and so on.

Anyways, if you were looking for hope that WWE may considering changing the way they portray women, The Rock dutifully snapping mark photos for Ronda, Paige and AJ definitely says something. And hey, while we’re at it, one more time…

Hee hee hee.