Roman Reigns Is Convinced Ronda Rousey Could Succeed In WWE

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01.25.17 7 Comments

It’s no secret that WWE has wanted to get Ronda Rousey in the fold for a very long time now. It all made perfect sense: Rousey is a lifelong wrestling fan, she calls her group of MMA buddies “The Four Horsewomen,” and she had one of the all-time great celebrity appearances at WrestleMania 31. But then … UFC 207 happened.

What was likely going to be Rousey’s last MMA fight, win or lose, ended up being a humiliating loss — her second-ever, and the second in a row … that coming with a year off in between fights. Since losing (and in the months leading up to UFC 207), she’s more or less vanished. Lots of armchair analysts have popped up to say Rousey’s two losses have completely ruined her potential to be a WWE draw.

One person who thinks she’d still be a rousing (ahem) success in the world of pro wrestling is Roman Reigns, who appeared on ESPN this week in a … truly questionable “quarter-zip performance fleece under windowpane Michael Strahan suit” ensemble to wax positive about Ronda potentially making the jump to WWE (via Fansided):

“I think she’s one of those athletes that gets that attention and all eyes are on her,” said Reigns. “So I think she definitely has the background, and she’s got the base to build on, so she’s got a great foundation.”

Of course, Reigns also then followed up by saying “She’s not shying away from the spotlight,” so it’s possible he’s not super familiar with what’s been going on with her since … about the time of that WrestleMania 31 appearance. It’s cool; he’s been busy.

I certainly don’t think that Rousey’s drawing power in a completely different avenue is ruined forever, and I think she’d be great if she actually made the jump. And it doesn’t hurt to have people like Reigns on her side within the company. He’s the Big Dog, you know. Also allegedly The Guy. Allegedly.

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