Ryback’s Latest Comments On CM Punk Make A Lot Of Sense And Don’t Involve Action Figures

12.05.14 4 years ago 40 Comments

During his appearance on The Art Of Wrestling podcast, CM Punk christened Ryback “Steroid Guy” and claimed their matches “took 20 years” off his life. Ryback’s first response to those comments was not the most mature thing in the world. The followup response during an interview with The Franchise 107.7 Sports Radio? Much better.

In this short audio clip, The Ryback brings up two very good points about Punk’s broken ribs accusation: Punk never did anything about it, and if Ryback was known as a guy who’s inept and hurts people on purpose, why would WWE keep putting him in the ring with guys like John Cena? It’s an interesting response, and goes a lot farther than “look at my action figure beating up yours.”

h/t Reddit

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