Midcard Faces: Celebrating The Overlooked Career Of Sam Houston

10.17.17 1 year ago 3 Comments

Welcome to Midcard Faces! This is a new series where I’ll be checking in with some fond memories of those wrestlers who got over but never got to the top. A mini-celebration of some favorite midcard babyfaces that we loved, but didn’t get love in the main event scene. We begin this series with the quintessential example of a second-generation wrestling (super)star, Sam Houston.

How He Got His Start

Like so many others with wrestling in their DNA, Sam Houston debuted in Championship Wrestling from Florida. Being the son of Grizzly Smith and showing an innate talent for the business quickly lead to him being taken under the wing of the incomparable Dusty Rhodes, which is just about the most fortuitous start to a professional wrestling career as one can have.

If you want to be a midcard babyface that never gets a shot at the big gold in a territory, please fall in line behind Magnum T.A. and The American Goddamn Dream Dusty Rhodes. Sorry, Sam.

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