Sami Callihan Accidentally Destroyed Eddie Edwards’ Face With A Bat On Impact

03.02.18 1 year ago 22 Comments

Impact Wrestling/YouTube

Back in mid-January, during a taping of Impact Wrestling, a bat spot went horribly wrong following a match between Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan, which resulted in the former suffering a broken orbital bone, broken nose and he apparently lost “a ton” of blood. The match was finally shown in its entirety Thursday night, and the footage is just as gross as was reported.

After Edwards picked up the victory, Callihan brought a chair and a bat into the ring, where he placed the chair on Edwards’ chest and aimed to slam the bat into the chair, which would theoretically do damage to the midsection. Not the facesection.

Unfortunately for Edwards, the bat bounced off the chair and smacked him in the eye, and he immediately covered up and slid out of the ring. Even as he was being transported in an ambulance to the hospital, Edwards found time to stay in character, telling Callihan he’d be back for him.

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