Samoa Joe Has Reportedly Signed On Full-Time With WWE

06.02.15 3 years ago 13 Comments


Remember Samoa Joe’s “revolutionary” deal that would allow him to split time between WWE and the indies? Well, according to, that deal is now a full-time WWE contract.

Outlets are reporting that numerous factors went into the decision, but like most things WWE does, it came down to A) money, and B) spite. Sales of Joe’s new WWE shirt that was debuted during his first appearance on NXT made an immediate impact. Second, now that Ring of Honor has signed on with Destination America, it doesn’t make much sense to let someone you want to turn into a full-fledged WWE talent shilling on another network.

Joe is still being advertised for upcoming Ring of Honor and independent shows, but it’s suspected that this will be Joe’s last match for ROH:

Joe wrestled at the Raw taping last night in San Antonio, though it’s unclear at this time whether his match against Tyson Kidd was just a dark match, or was being filmed for an upcoming episode of Superstars. Joe is set to be at the SmackDown taping tonight in Houston.

As of right now, Joe has multiple independent appearances booked through August, but there’s no indication as of yet that he will not be fulfilling those bookings.

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