Samoa Joe Could Be Headed To WWE NXT Next Month

My heart. It just can’t take any of this.

According to Internet wrestling deity Dave Meltzer, Samoa Joe is heading to WWE via NXT. Definitely. Maybe. Possibly. Potentially:

“Theres going to be something with WWE…he is in theory WWE bound in some form, or at least attempting to be WWE bound.”

In theory.
In some form.
At least attempting.

These are all words that give us all a way to have our dreams shattered but I believe that God only wants happiness for us. So I believe that Samoa Joe is heading to WWE. To recap the story, Joe ended his time with Impact Wrestling last month and is working four dates for one of his old home promotions, Ring of Honor. But here’s something else that gives us hope: Joe apparently cleared his dates from April 23rd on. There’s also an NXT taping on that day.

I swear to God if Samoa Joe gets to NXT … words have escaped me. What is air?

Here’s a sneak preview: