Samoa Joe Explained Why His NXT Contract Was ‘The Greatest Deal In The History Of Wrestling’

09.11.18 10 months ago 9 Comments

Samoa Joe becoming a star competing for the WWE Championship would’ve only been considered in some fan faction a decade ago, but in 2018 it’s real and spectacular.

Joe is currently working a hot as hell feud with AJ Styles — again, an amazing sentence to type — that’s seen Joe embrace his most heel-ish tendencies and bring Styles’ real life wife and kid into the storyline by promising to be their new daddy, simply to enrage Styles and try to get the Phenomenal One off his game. It’s all been very entertaining, even if at times it makes you cringe because it feels a little too real, but Joe makes it work by being so over the top with it.

Getting to this point has been a long time coming for Joe, who has been in the game for nearly two decades and only joined WWE in 2015, and even then it was on a part-time basis with NXT. As Joe recently explained on the Notsam Wrestling podcast with Sam Roberts, he feels his original NXT deal with WWE was the “greatest deal” ever in wrestling, and how he grew accustomed to fighting uphill battles with promoters who have never viewed him initially as a major star until they saw the crowd reaction.

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