WWE Released A Lovely Video Of Sarah Logan And Ray Rowe’s Viking Wedding

01.10.19 5 months ago 17 Comments

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Superstars Sarah Logan of the Riott Squad and Ray Rowe of the War Raiders have been in a relationship since before they joined WWE. Even though Sarah was called up to the Main Roster by the time the War Raiders became part of NXT TV, the connection between them has been clear to anyone paying attention, especially as Sarah has incorporated more and more viking aspects into her previously hillbilly-themed gimmick, bringing her character more in line both with the Norse trappings of the War Raiders and with the unique life she shares with Rowe.

Logan and Rowe are viking enthusiasts, as anyone who follows them on Instagram has noticed by now. When they’re not wrestling, they dress up in old Norse clothing and practice with swords, shields, and spears as part of a group of modern day vikings. Related hobbies such as leather crafting help with the authenticity of their Early Middle Ages revivalism. So it’s no great surprise that when they got married on December 21st, they had a full-blown viking wedding, with a traditional Norse ceremony and all the participants and guests in full costume. The whole thing was documented in a really nice 10-minute video on the WWE Performance Center Youtube channel.

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