Meet Your New NXT Divas’ Coach, Sarah Stock

“Behind every great talent is a great teacher.” Those were the words from Triple H’s tweet immediately following NXT Takeover Brooklyn, acknowledging the tireless efforts of Sara Amato, formerly known as independent wrestling powerhouse Sara Del Rey. Amato, now the assistant head coach at NXT, is a behind-the-scenes cornerstone of the movement that has given us performers such as Bayley and Sasha Banks, and it now looks like she’ll be getting some help at the Performance Center. The Wrestling Observer is confirming that Sarah Stock, most notable for her time as TNA’s Sarita, is leaving the other promotions she’s been working with to take a full-time coaching position.

Originally from Canada, Stock moved to Mexico early in her career to improve her lucha skills. She worked mainly with CMLL under her Dark Angel ring name, and would eventually make her first Japanese excursion as well. A brief run for SHIMMER also occurred before Stock made her way to TNA. In her four years with the company, she earned two reigns as a Knockouts Tag Team champion, once with Taylor Wilde and once with Rosita as part of the Mexican America stable.

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Since leaving the company in 2013, she’s since returned to CMLL in Mexico, once again using the Dark Angel persona. Personally, I think her standout work since departing TNA has been her return to Japan. She became a major name for the relatively new World Wonder Ring Stardom promotion, eventually winning the Wonder of Stardom Championship. But in anticipation of her new position with WWE, she’s announced her final dates with both companies, saying goodbye to CMLL on their Sept. 18 anniversary show and making a final run for Stardom in October.

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Stock previously appeared at the Performance Center earlier this year as a guest trainer, teaching lucha libre technique. This looks like a great hire to me, considering that she’s a world-traveled veteran with television experience and lucha expertise. It sounds like she’ll be starting her role at NXT in November, which comes not a moment too soon. Kana’s in the works and there are at least two other female prospects rumored to be lining up to for their WWE physicals, so they need all the experienced eyes they can get right now. If Eva Marie suddenly begins throwing La Mistica, we know who to thank.