Sasha Banks Thinks One Woman In Particular Should Be The Next NXT Call-Up

Sasha Banks has been taking a bit of a breather on WWE television of late, after making history at a breakneck pace throughout most of the last year (and being William Regal’s most favoritest).

But Sasha is still a huge part of WWE and is one of their most marketable and popular stars, especially within the women’s division. So it stands to reason that when she voices her mind and opinion, you should probably just go ahead and pay attention to what she has to say. After all, she is the Boss.

When the Boss was asked which NXT woman should be the next to get that call-up to the main roster, she had one person in mind immediately. As she said to Rappler:

“I think the next woman that should be called up should be Peyton Royce. I think she’s an incredible wrestler, she has a heart of gold, and she trains really, really hard. I also love Billie Kay, and I think they’re doing a great job right now in NXT, being the Iconic duo.

“They kinda remind me of the BFFs: Charlotte, myself, and Summer Rae. They’re very entertaining, and I think if they just keep doing what they’re doing, and keep showing that they want to be the best. The possibilities for them on the main roster are endless.”

It’s nice that she caught herself and gave Peyton’s Iconic teammate Billie some love, too, but it’s pretty clear to anyone who’s been watching NXT since January or so that Peyton is the clear Shawn Michaels of this tandem (to make an extremely imperfect analogy). And don’t worry, men, Sasha has an idea of what dude she thinks would be great on the main roster, too:

“I just watch [Bobby Roode], and that guy looks like a star. He’s incredible. I’ve been to NXT TakeOver and saw his entrance live, and I’m just like, wow, this guy’s amazing. He’ll do glorious things on the main roster. I hope he gets called up very soon.”

Peyton, Billie, and Bobby on the main roster? Yeah, I’ll take that any day of the week, thank you very much. Honestly, I’m in favor of anything that gets me one step closer to FINALLY being able to BUY A G.D. “ICONIC” SHIRT.