Sasha Banks Will Be Getting Her Very Own Folksy Indie Song, Courtesy Of The Mountain Goats

As we’ve mentioned a few times around here, indie folk rock stalwarts The Mountain Goats recently released a critically acclaimed album all about pro wrestling. Beat the Champ is informed by the local wrestling that Mountain Goats leader John Darnielle grew up with in Southern California, so most of the songs are about guys like Chavo Guerrero, Sr. and Bull Ramos as opposed to Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair or whoever else most folks writing an album about old wrestling might reference.

Despite Beat the Champ being about a very specific time and place in wrestling, NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks recently shot The Mountain Goats a tweet demanding to know where her folksy tribute song was

Good question! I mean, she is from California, so it would make some sort of sense. Besides, Sasha Banks deserves to have balladeers singing her praises on every street corner and rooftop. Well, The Mountain Goats have surprisingly accepted the challenge

I, for one, anxiously await “The Ballad of The Boss.” Let’s just hope WWE doesn’t get wind of this and convince The Mountain Goats to write “The Legend of Eva Marie’s Springboard DDT” instead.

via WrestleZone