Sasha Banks Got Turned Into A Zombie And Wreaked Havoc On WWE

08.14.17 2 years ago 2 Comments

Since the line’s original unveiling in 2016, Mattel’s “WWE Zombies” series has been one of the more unusual sets of WWE action figures. We’ve seen zombified versions of John Cena, Roman Reigns, Steve Austin and more, but never before have any of those designs come to life — that is, until horror special effects master Tom Savini came to Raw a few weeks back and transformed Sasha Banks from a Legit Boss into a Legit Undead. Savini, perhaps best known for creating Jason from the Friday The 13th film series, and his team do an incredible job morphing Banks into a zombie, who then goes on a nice midday stroll throughout backstage, trying to scare her fellow sports entertainers. (Unfortunately, most of her co-workers don’t flinch, although Enzo Amore’s elongated “eww” says more about him than any dirtsheet scoop has in the past month.)

Banks even performed her ring entrance as a zombie, complete with remixed theme (note her hand rings now say “ZOM” and “BIE” — nice touch, y’all):

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