Say It Ain’t So: Kevin Hart Hates Wrestling And Has Been Working Us This Entire Time

Dramatic situations like this call for dramatic, possibly-misleading headlines!

Last Monday, Kevin Hart hosted Monday Night Raw. We applauded him for being a fun, willing part of the show. A few days later he went on ‘The Daily Show,’ talked about loving the NWA when he grew up — coming up on guys like Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes — and made us like him even more.

Prepare to grasp at your pearls, because this was ALL PART OF THE SCAM. He’s not telling the truth, he’s just here to promote a movie! WATCH OUT I’M GONNA FLIP THIS TABLE.

Jump to the 2:00 mark of this interview with HOT97′s ‘Ebro In The Morning’ for the truth: Hart knows nothing about wrestling, thinks it’s embarrassing for people to like wrestling (but makes sure to say “no but wrestling is great” in case anybody’s listening) and SITS ON A THRONE OF LIES. I am going to return those tickets I never bought and DOUBLE not see Think Like A Man Too. Never again will I believe Kevin Hart. Never again too.

(I guess the whole “he’s a big fan/has no idea what’s up with regular characters” and “thinks Adam Rose is Fandango” things should’ve tipped me off.)