Scott Hall Loved Jon Stewart’s Run-In At SummerSlam, Would’ve Wrestled Jay Leno

If you watched Saturday’s WWE Network from Madison Square Garden, you might’ve seen former Daily Show host Jon Stewart in the crowd hanging out with Lance Storm and cosplaying Fidel Castro. Stewart has spent most of 2015 feuding with top WWE Superstars, whether it’s trading insults with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins or hitting John Cena in the stomach with a chair.

TMZ Sports asked WWE legends Scott Hall, Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Diamond Dallas Page what they thought about celebrity involvement in wrestling, and Hall in particular had a lot of kind words for Stewart. He called SummerSlam and the following Raw — featuring Cena giving Stewart an Attitude Adjustment as payback for that aforementioned chair shot — “great television.”

Even better, they tie everything back into Jay Leno’s historic slash magical slash horrific run in WCW, which DDP was a part of. Check it out:

If Stewart’s going to keep popping back up on WWE TV, maybe an endorsement from a WWE Hall of Famer will get him into the celebrity wing of the hall of fame. Costing John Cena a championship match to protect Ric Flair’s championship legacy (even if Flair doesn’t care) is worth an enshrinement, right?

Let’s keep Jay Leno as far away from this as possible, though.