Scott Hall Went Full Creepy Uncle To Paige On Twitter And People Freaked Out

Kids these days are so sensitive. Remember the Attitude Era when men could strip women down to their lingerie in the ring and get cheered? Remember the good days when women who rejected men’s advances were b*tches? That’s how God intended for wrestling to be. And I, for one, am commending Scott Hall for bringing back the glory days one creepy-ass tweet at a time.

Paige, 22, was enjoying some Twitter banter and talking about her time crawling up former Divas, and activating lesbian fantasies for all of the people who enjoy the wholesome PG-era. So, naturally, Hall interjected and offered to spank Paige for being naughty.

It didn’t go well, as everyone thought it was… um… weird. Prudes. You losers don’t know what it’s like to be real men. Bring back the good old days! Paige, though, put out a few fires by defending the tweet.

And if you have a problem with that, Hall’s got two words for you… blow me (not me, him).

So there. That’s settled. Now if you don’t mind me, there’s a hot woman walking by whose day won’t be complete unless I got “pssst” to her five times.