The Seattle Seahawks Congratulated WWE’s Daniel Bryan On Their Super Bowl Win

If you’re a football fan, you may know WWE’s Daniel Bryan as the proprietor of the YES! chant, a movement that has taken over the Michigan State football and basketball teams and works as an explosion of joy in almost any situation.

He’s also a native of Aberdeen, Washington, and an OG Seattle Seahawks fan. He even gave them a shout-out on WWE Raw during his Slammy Award acceptance speech. It’s like the wrestling Grammys, don’t ask.

Like most Seahawks fans, Bryan’s having a great f*cking day today. Unlike most fans, though, the Seahawks are enjoying him, too.

Via Twitter:

That’s all well and good, but the best wrestling-related Super Bowl tweet of the night goes to Chris Jericho:

In case you’re wondering.