Serena Deeb Has A New Job With WWE, But Not As A Wrestler

02.08.18 1 year ago 12 Comments


The WWE Performance Center has a new women’s coach on staff, and she’s none other than Serena Deeb. You may remember Serena as a follower of CM Punk’s Straight Edge Society, who had her head shaved in the middle of the ring back in 2010. She didn’t stay in WWE long after that, but she returned last year to compete in the Mae Young Classic, where she beat Vanessa Borne in Round One, before losing to Piper “Viper” Niven in Round Two.

The storyline she was given at the Mae Young Classic was one of redemption, in which she said that she had lost her position at WWE for “irresponsibly using alcohol” and was proud to have clawed her way back up from rock bottom.

However, reporting at the time suggested that she was actually fired for breaking kayfabe by being seen publicly drinking alcohol at all, when she was presenting as straight edge on SmackDown. So there’s an argument to be made that by reaching out to her with job offers all these years later, WWE is actually the one gaining a little redemption.

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